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Clash Of The Titans

2 Jan 2013

Paul Finch, chairman of the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, praised the fact that modernists had prevailed in bids to create Olympic buildings...

...but must the two remain mutually exclusive? Can we not merge Traditionalism, and thus the knowledge we have gained from that which went before us, with Modernism; a concept born from the millennium, 21st century values and one which we have created in our own right? (The Guardian, August 5th 2011)


On first glance an Apropos structure appears modernist to the core; with our clean lines, open spaces and innovative uses for emerging technologies we pride ourselves on cutting edge design and contemporary results. Long gone are the days when conservatories were nothing more than uPVC boxes, treated to a mock-Victorian finish, and lined up behind our homes in neat white rows. Today Apropos leads the market in bespoke glass designs; which remain as individual as you are, creating structures which complement a home’s original style whilst simultaneously remaining unafraid to claim an identity of their own.


If you live in a period or listed building you may feel that adding an Apropos structure to your home, would not only cause problems with planning permission, but also clash with the traditional features of your property. In actual fact adding a contemporary structure, onto a period or listed building, often means that planning permission is simpler to obtain than it would be with a more sympathetic design. This, seemingly odd, guideline serves to maintain the integrity of the original period features; in that the new addition to the property is quite obviously a modern add-on: as opposed to more traditionally designed home extensions which attempt to deceive viewers into believing they were always part of the building in question.

This obvious divide between old and new, championed by the planning department, however, does not make for an exceptionally good sales pitch when it comes to clients who are looking for a more fluid design concept.


It is here then that we must take the planning departments advice with a pinch of salt; whilst an Apropos structure will openly declare itself as a modern addition this does not mean that the two fundamental design concepts: Traditionalism and Modernism, must clash. With an Apropos structure tradition and the 21st century can be married together beautifully; creating, a still striking, yet softened, aluminium and glass extension which will sit companionably alongside your home; complimenting and enhancing its’ period identity. Apropos’ bespoke nature also means that, not only can your structure be fitted around your home, glass can be chosen to best match your homes rendering along with a wide choice of colours which help combine the structures aesthetics with that of your home. 


Apropos have a wealth of experience, when it comes to working with listed buildings, and our team of industry specialist designers will help you, to realise your vision, every step of the way. With the amount of unrivalled light and space one of our structures can provide an Apropos extension could also make the perfect anecdote to dark, dull areas of period homes. So why not get in touch and begin planning your collaboration with the Modernists?