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Brighten up your world with SuperColour coloured asphalts

12 Nov 2021

Bored of tired black asphalt?

SuperColour® Ultra asphalt from Aggregate Industries offers a new world of coloured asphalt to brighten up your projects.

Using a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder, you can achieve a rainbow of colours. Options include: red, buff, blue, silver and green. The colour intensity can vary to suit your specification.

Based around BS/EN SMA, dense and medium graded standard mixtures, SuperColour® Ultra combines aesthetic appeal with long-lasting durability of traditional asphalt.

Why Choose SuperColour®  Ultra?


Provides colour coded demarcation e.g. cycle lanes, bus lanes, restricted access etc. to improve visibility and safety in pedestrian areas.


A robust and hard-wearing solution that offers permanent colouring. As the colour is integral to the asphalt this removes the risk of delamination, which is a common problem with painted asphalt surfacing techniques.


Each material goes through a rigorous design and review process, with

Aggregate Industries providing technical support from project start to finish.


Eliminates the need for painted finishing, and costly maintenance, through wear and tear of the painted surface.


SuperColour® Ultra is available in a range of sizes 6, 10 and 14mm and can be provided in a wide range of colours. The colour is enhanced by the natural colour of specially-selected approved aggregates, complemented by the addition of pigments in a clear binder mixture.


Due to the nature of the synthetic binder this product can be transported further and remain workable for a greater period of time than standard asphalt materials.


Contract specific mix designs. Our batching plants use specific and dedicated mix designs and materials to ensure a consistent colour is attained.


Create sustainable projects – all mixes can be supplied as warm mix asphalt.

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