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Bluebell’s Smart Doors bring future tech to homes and retail

10 May 2019

At the cutting edge of interactive door design, Bluebell’s Integra Vision door seeks to create a door that is at home within a ‘smart’ environment, whether in the home or in commercial or retail buildings. Integra Vision takes the design of the Integra door – an interior door flush both sides of a wall with minimal hardware and concealed hinges that open to 180 degrees – and adds smart display technology to create a stunning interactive interior door.

The door’s refined glass finish covers a special audio-visual interface within the door itself. Able to transmit video and photos, Integra Vision’s sophisticated, sleek aesthetic is complimented by its technological capabilities. The technology present within Integra Vision makes it a perfect choice to seamlessly incorporate smart technology into the home environment.

Smart doors are also the future of retail. As bricks-and-mortar retail fights back against the popularity of online shopping, it has to provide more than just a place in which to try on clothes. Convenience has to be outweighed by experience – and that is exactly what a smart door like Integra Vision can do.

Integra Vision has the ability to provide this unique experience to retail shoppers, enabling them to connect with brands in a distinctive way. With technology in the Integra Vision door, customers can interact with a brand from within their fitting room – messaging sales staff that they require assistance or other sizes of clothes, seeing if their desired clothes are in stock, and even buying the items they have tried on using the door itself. The door can then offer accessories and other items that complement their purchases.

The door also provides ample advertising opportunities used in other retail and commercial environments.

Smart home and retail technology are here to stay, and with endless applications and uses,  Integra Vision is leading the way in seamlessly turning a home or retail space into something interactive and special, all housed within a discreet and aesthetically pleasing glass door.

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