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28 May 2013
Immediate protection against Hospital Acquired Infections of waterborne origin

DELABIE is launching a complete range of water filters for commercial use specifically targeting healthcare environments. The range comprises cartridges, shower heads, and spouts with integrated filters which ensure the water quality at the point-of-use, protecting users against waterborne infections.

Controlling waterborne health risks
Bacterial proliferation in water systems, mixers and taps can be the cause of serious infections, especially for fragile people. Controlling this health risk has become a major and ongoing concern for facilities managers.
All public and commercial places should regularly monitor the bacteriological quality of water in environments that are susceptible to bacteriological impurities, such as Legionella pneumophila.
BIOFIL filters guarantee the water quality at the point-of-use, protecting the health of the user.

Innovative filtration via hollow fibre membrane
DELABIE have chosen to use the highest performing water purification technology for its filters: filtration by hollow fibre membrane.
Each BIOFIL filter has an integrated hollow fibre membrane with a filtration threshold of 0.1μm (micron). BIOFIL is a frontal filtration system where water flows from the outside into the interior surface of the fibre. Any bacteria or impurities larger than 0.1μm are trapped by the micro-porous structures and held indefinitely on the external surface of the membrane. The filtered water is therefore free from any microorganisms.
The filtration surface is much larger for the BIOFIL hollow fibre membranes than for flat membranes (1,400cm² versus 500cm²), allowing a higher volume of water to be filtered. As a result, the filter can trap a higher number of bacteria, increasing the time it takes to build up as well as increasing the filter’s life span.

BIOFIL, a complete range of filters for every application
Unlike other terminal filters on the market, BIOFIL cartridges and shower heads are small in size because the fibre used is more compact. The range also includes filtration spouts (exclusive to DELABIE) specifically designed for DELABIE’s BIOCLIP mixers with removable spouts.
Two categories of filter are available, depending on the use:
- BIOFIL Legionella and Pseudomonas aeruginosa filters suitable for public places specialising in corporal hygiene, hygienic hand washing and balneotherapy. They can be used for up to 62 days after initial installation.
- BIOFIL Filters for All Germs are recommended for cleaning wounds and invasive medical tools (endoscopes etc.) in healthcare environments. The filters are sterile and considered class IIB Medical Devices. They have optimised traceability from manufacture of the components up to patient use. These filters last up to 31 days after installation.
All BIOFIL filters have successfully passed a bacteria retention test, in compliance with ASTM F838-05 principles. Therefore they have a sterilisation grade of 0.1μm.
They are compatible with and resistant to different curative treatments (thermal and chemical shocks), that are regularly undertaken in public environments, especially in healthcare.