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Automatic high speed hand dryers for washrooms

8 Jan 2016

Stiebel Eltron has a range of fast, quiet and efficient hand dryers for all situations.

In most cases, drying your hands with an electric hand dryer remains the most hygienic and economical solution in a public washroom. You neither need to supply and wash towels, nor constantly refill and dispose of paper towels. You are choosing not only a very hygienic alternative, but also saving a great deal of time and money.

The market for hand dryers has changed quite dramatically in the last few years. In the past, the main concern of most buyers was that a unit should be quiet. The bulk of sales was for low-cost, almost disposable products. The advent of the new fast, high efficiency, dryers has changed customer expectations, with speed becoming a much greater factor in purchase decision. With speed comes the ability to serve far more consumers with fewer units. It does however of course come at a higher price per unit, and the need, therefore, for units to be more robust and long-lasting.

We offer a range of electric dryers, each with their own benefits. The HTE electonic hand dryer is our entry level model but boasts extraordinarily quiet operation. An intelligent automatic IR proximity sensor switches the unit on, when you hold your hands 6 to 12 cm below the air outlet, and automatically off again when you remove your hands. The robust casing protects the delicate technical interior against damage. Its design also prevents objects, such as cigarette butts, from being deposited on the casing.

Next in the range is our The HTET turbotronic electronic hand dryer. The HTT hand dryer is one of the fastest hot air hand dryers on the market, with an output of 2500 W and 250 m3/h air flow rate. Costly idle running phases are reduced thanks to the intelligent infrared proximity sensor. This only switches the appliance on when your hands are within 6 to 12 cm of the air outlet.

At the top of our range is the high speed Ultronic hand dryer. The new Ultronic stands out through its powerful, highly concentrated fast air stream (more than 300 km/h) that dries hands in less than 15 seconds. This high speed air stream "wipes" moisture from the surface of your hands. The new Ultronic hand dryer is also highly efficient. Reasons for this are a significantly shortened drying time, demand-dependent control by means of the infrared proximity sensor, the low connected load and a particularly small CO2 footprint in the service life assessment. The advanced and prize-winning diecast aluminium casing is available in a white finish or brushed stainless steel. The compact design not only reduces the visual impact, but also provides a high level of resistance and a reduced target area for attack in case of vandalism.

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