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Armaflex Green Guide Rating

21 Sep 2016

An A rating provides verification of a material’s low environmental impact, helping specifiers to design and install sustainable and energy efficient building services.

The Green Guide (4th edition) ratings compare the environmental impact of construction products on a scale of A+ to E, with A+ referring to products with the lowest environmental impact and E rated products having a more detrimental effect.

The A rating assigned to nitrile rubber insulation materials is relevant for Armacell’s Armaflex product ranges, including AF/Armaflex Class O flexible insulation for condensation control and energy saving, Armaflex Ultima for reduced smoke density in the event of fire, HT/Armaflex for elevated operating temperatures and NH/Armaflex halogen-free insulation suitable for marine and data centre applications.

Green Guide ratings are determined by a number of factors, taking into account the whole lifecycle of the product, from manufacture to disposal. The assessment takes into account 13 impact categories when assessing a material, namely climate change; water extraction; mineral resource extraction; stratospheric ozone depletion; human toxicity; ecotoxicity to fresh water; ecotoxicity to land; nuclear waste; waste disposal; fossil fuel depletion; eutrophication; photochemical ozone creation and acidification.

Mat04 under the Materials section of the Green Guide refers to insulation products and aims: “To recognize and encourage the use of thermal insulation which has a low embodied environmental impact relative to its thermal properties.” The points available for each Green Guide rating range from 0 for an E, through to 3 for an A+.

Provision is also made within the Mat 04 section for products that have an independently verified EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) to receive a points uplift of 0.75 (for a tier 2, cradle to gate declaration such as those carried out for Armaflex products).

An EPD assesses the environmental impacts of a product through its Life Cycle, taking into account the manufacturing, transportation, assembly, use, removal and recycling or disposal of the product.

“Achieving an A rating in the Green Guide enables building services engineers to specify nitrile rubber insulation materials as a sustainable option,” said Anthony Barnett, Technical Marketing Manager at Armacell. “Being an independently verified FEF insulation with the highest water vapour resistance and lowest thermal conductivity ratings, ensures Armaflex offers the best long-term solution for ACR applications and a highly efficient option for heating and ventilation services.”

Nitrile rubber pipe insulation materials achieve an A rating for domestic heating & hot water (Element 1635800004), Buildings other than Domestic (BOTD) hot water (Element 1636810004), BOTD heating (Element 1637820004), BOTD Chilled Water 10°C (Element 1638830004), BOTD Chilled Water 5°C (Element 1639840004), BOTD Chilled Water 0°C (Element 1640850004). To view the Green Guide ratings for all types of insulation see

For more information of Armacell’s Armaflex, closed cell insulation, visit:

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