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Aesthetically Pleasing Drainage Outfall From ACO

10 Apr 2014

ACO Water Management has launched a natural look SuDS Swale Inlet for drainage outfall connections discharging into shallow vegetated channels or SuDS features. Offering a non-intrusive aesthetic, it is also easy to maintain, due to its exceptional durability.


The low profile design of ACO’s SuDS Swale Inlet, which provides an interface between proprietary and vegetated drainage components, means it can better blend into the surrounding area, when compared with traditional headwalls and concrete structures. Manufactured from Vienite® - ACO’s high strength recycled material, which is four times stronger than concrete - the product will not discolour, ensuring a consistent long-lasting appearance and making it ideal for phased installations. 


Erosion protection is at the heart of the design.  This is thanks to the surface finish along with the flared outlet design of the unit, which not only encourages water dispersion but also reduces flow velocities.  In fact, the flow is distributed across a footprint up to six times more than traditional pipe outfalls. 


As a result, the surrounding environment is also protected from erosion (erosion rate can be reduced to a quarter of that of a standard pipe) and the flow rate guidance in CIRIA C697 is met.  In addition, by managing the flow rate and volume of surface water run-off, the risk of localised flooding is reduced since pressure on the drainage network is minimised.    


In order to ensure that swales are always constructed to the correct angle, the swale inlet has a 1 in 3 gradient profile; helping to satisfy CIRIA C697 and further adding to the look of the interface.


From an installation and handling perspective, the one-piece solution is simple for contractors.  The product is easy to place into a level position, with its flat base, and can be secured with spiral anchors, or by using concrete bedding.  In addition, no additional on-site shuttering or formwork is required.  Inspection is also simplified because of the consistent design of the outlet; this makes identification of blockages and maintenance procedures easier.      


ACO SuDS Swale Inlet is available as standard in three colours – natural, grey and black.  An optional textured finish can also be supplied if required.  For applications that require an even greater degree of protection such as schools or playing fields, an optional stainless steel grating is available. 


Gary Morton of ACO Water Management comments, “ACO’s SuDS Swale Inlet offers a natural aesthetic and a technically advanced design.  Every aspect of its application has been considering during its development – from the overall look, to optimising flow rates, long term durability and ease of installation, to achieve an effective solution for all.”
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