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A guide to construction site barriers

24 Jun 2021

Construction site barriers are used as a protective measure to keep sites safe from trespassers and traffic, as well as to keep the public safe from any dangers. A barrier round a site is a visible warning for the public to keep out as there may be debris, trip hazards or unstable construction.

There are a number of different types of safety barriers to suit different applications.

Edge protection barrier systems

Edge protection barriers protect people or machinery from falling off the edge of an elevated site. These systems act as a fence and a barrier with a solid bottom section to prevent debris falling on people below. The edge protection can withstand one tonne of lateral impact. Edge protection barriers are essential if you have raised areas on your construction site.

MASS crash barriers

MASS (multi-application safety system) crash barriers are used for street works to keep drivers, pedestrians and workers safe. They have a steel base unit to which several top sections can be attached to suit the requirements of a particular site. These include pedestrian guards, a site guard with anti-climb mesh fencing and a screen guard for sites where privacy is required. The barrier can be linked at a 90-degree angle to go round corners and the unit can rotate through 180 degrees.

As the MASS barriers don’t require permanent fixing, they can be easily removed and reused on another site. Crash test approved; they are a useful safety solution for roadworks.

Water filled barriers

There is a wide range of water-filled barriers available, suitable for all types of site.

RB22 crash barriers can withstand impact from vehicles travelling up to 50mph so are a great solution for roadworks and highway maintenance sites. 

BH1000 barriers are part of a fully interlocking system which builds a solid wall, ideal for racetracks.

EVO 80 barriers are lightweight and used for site delineation and safety, as well as rerouting pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They can be used on sites as well as at outdoor events. EVO 55 is a lighter version, making the barrier system easier to move and assemble.

Euro Barriers are used to reroute traffic flow. They’re taller and wider than EVO barriers and have purpose-designed top grooves to fit reflective post and plank safety systems. Their interlocking design means they can pivot round corners.

The 2000 barrier is designed to flow smoothly round bends and corners so is a useful solution for directional purposes. Hoarding or mesh panels can be added to the system for additional security. They’re wind tested so aren’t easily moved by the weather or vandals. The 2000 barrier is a good choice for road and construction site safety.

Site-wall barriers are heavy duty and intended for use with mesh fence extension panels. Standing at two metres, site wall barriers are useful for security at construction sites, outdoors events and more. The interlocking system means a continuous wall can be constructed, for additional security and strength.

The GB2 heavy duty barrier is compatible with mesh and hoarding panels and a useful solution for construction sites and highways. Each barrier provides two metres of ground coverage, and it is the most cost-effective solution for marking out a longer area. It’s a great choice for crowd control and large events in general, to mark out walkways at a festival for example, or provide directional lanes in a temporary car park. GB2 barriers are also known as Separator 90 barriers.

Rhino restraint barriers are a solid solution for sites where safety is vital, for example on a major road. Compatible with fence and hoarding extensions, they are wind speed tested and have also been accepted for use at BAA airports. Rhino restraint barriers provide a useful traffic management system for roadworks and around building sites. They’re a great solution for sporting events and music festivals.

The standard rhino barrier can be used to build highly visible walls around potentially hazardous areas. They can be interlocked and rotated around corners to for added security and strength. Rhino barriers are often used on motorways and at outdoor events for multiple traffic management purposes.

Avalon barrier

An ideal solution to enclose roadworks or create temporary pedestrian walkways, Avalon barriers are made from tough recyclable high density polythene which means they offer years of use. They’re quick and easy to use on uneven ground and can be fitted with signage where required. The Avalon system can withstand three different classes of wind speed, as required by all temporary traffic barriers.

Uses include protecting a worker around a manhole, creating pedestrian walkways and sectioning off areas of a building site.

Pedestrian barrier

If you need to direct foot traffic or keep workers safe on a site, the 2.3 metre pedestrian barrier is an ideal solution. Building a safe and noticeable barrier keeps workers and public alike safe from hazards on site to avoid injury. It’s easy to transport and install and can be easily stacked when stored. They’re regularly used at sporting events and for other events where the public needs to queue safely.

Concrete barriers

If you’re looking for a highway barrier system, crash tested concrete barriers are a strong and sturdy solution. They offer protection against vehicle collision for workers and other cars, to avoid major accidents or injuries. You can choose from heavy duty or crash-tested to suit the particular needs of your site.

Concrete barriers are available in a variety of sizes to fit all types of site and weigh over two tonnes in weight for safety and peace of mind. Fence attachments are available which are compatible with these safety systems.

Whatever your barrier requirements for your construction site or event, SafeSite Facilities has the solution to fit.

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