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A grand entrance to the market place

19 Oct 2016

Slamming doors, damage to walls and furniture and trapped fingers could be a thing of the past with the introduction of GEZE’s ActiveStop – a new control mechanism for internal swing doors.

It’s a sleek, recessed door control – measuring only 28 mm wide incorporating a draw-in damper – which can be seamlessly integrated into swing doors making them quiet, smooth and easy to operate.

GEZE ActiveStop has a gentle stopping action which breaks the swing of the door and stops it in a desired position.

The mechanism itself is acoustically dampened and stops doors from being thrown open by careless users, preventing loud banging and unnecessary damage to the door, walls and furniture.

It is ideal for use in both residential and commercial settings in doors without fire protection and is suitable for both new developments and refurbishments with doors of leaf weights of up to 45 kg.

The ActiveStop allows the door to stay open if desired, while preventing slamming, reducing the risk of trapped fingers and eliminating the need to install separate doorstoppers. The holding position can be set using the adjustable opening angle between 80 and 140 degrees.

The product is set to spearhead a new segment within the door technology range and has already won plaudits for its design excellence as the winner of the German Design Award 2016 in the Building and Elements category, and a silver award from FocusOpen.

The launch of the product in Britain could help set new standards in convenience and safety for interior doors, said Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK.

“It is a simple yet ground-breaking solution which will make life much easier for the end user. Thanks to its compact dimensions the double-sided door damper can be installed in almost any standard door leaf and is hardly visible which make it ideal for high-quality living room doors through to office environments.”

The ActiveStop comes in a fine silver finish as standard. To see it in action visit

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