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3 spaces becomes 9: Parking optimisation in Jersey

16 Sep 2021
Case study

Double Parking Systems alongside Klaus Multiparking, turned this large garage on Jersey in the Channel Islands into the perfect vehicle showcase. This vehicle collector now has one of the most enviable car showcases on the island!

By using 3 Klaus SingleUp 3015 car stackers, DPS was able to transform 3 spaces into 9, utilising the space and allowing the user to have empty space and making their showroom look incredible.

The stackers offer space efficiency, car safety and modernisation - increasing property value as well as re-opening available space in any given area, like in this Jersey garage.

If there is sufficient room height available, the Klaus SingleUp 3015 stackers can accommodate three mid-size vehicles in a very confined space, making it the perfect parking solution for this car collection. Another ideal scenario for these stackers is car dealerships, as they can maximise their stock levels by utilising all of the height of the room. This frees up the showroom floor and any outside parking.

The stackers are the perfect solution for locations where space is a luxury and where the space available is in essence wasted due to having to park the cars side by side.

The lower parking space must be empty before the upper platforms can be lowered and used, which means that the upper platforms are ideal for long-term parking, e.g. display vehicles, while the lower parking space is perfect for short-term parking as it can be accessed at any time.

DPS provides a range of systems across the whole of the UK and the Channel Islands.