Will Alsop's Neuron Pod

Situated in Whitechapel, London, sits a building designed to look like a neuron cell. The building is an extension to  Centre of the Cell, a science learning centre located at Queen Mary, University of London. Bright hair-like structures illuminate the building's facade, blurring the lines between art and architecture, whilst illustrating the importance of designing fun spaces to engage society and ignite the imagination.

Designed by the late award-winning architect Will Alsop and his practice All Design, Neuron Pod is an educational space based on the aesthetic of a neuron cell — a cell that transmits information to the brain. Fitting in with the theme of transmitting information, Neuron Pod is 23-metre long and 10-metre high and features meeting rooms, workshops and a cinema room.

The pod stands on three legs and is constructed from 13 pieces of ‘weathering steel’ which were welded together in Whitechapel. Also known as COR-TEN steel, the material's rust-like appearance eliminates the need for painting. The facade is covered in hundreds of filaments which appear like fine hairs which are illuminated using fibre optics powered by light projectors fixed within the pod. 

To learn more about Neuron Pod Visit All Design’s website.

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