Arstyl Wall Panels

The ARSTYL® range for wall and ceiling embellishments has now taken its passion for decoration to a whole new level and proudly presents its Wall Panels.

These new generation wall decorations will give your interior a highly inspired new look, neat structure or a coloured relief design.

  • 6 modern designs
  • Small-sized & light-weighted the panels are easy to carry and install
  • Unpolished acrylic white the walls’ primary colour ensure optimal adhesion to your finishing touch
  • Abraded side edges for a neat and perfect finishing
  • Add your very own touch and reveal your original and refined interior design style.


Whether they be symmetrically or asymmetrically, horizontally or vertically arranged thanks to a corresponding substructure creativity holds no bounds.  They are light (only 2kg on average) but also robust and can be assembled rapidly with Adefix® Plus, the special adhesive from NMC.  The high quality processing guarantees a harmonious, deliberately apparent transition from one panel to another through the arrangement of corners and angles. 

Sample Solutions

Arstyl® Wall Panels not only conjure up an attractive interior atmosphere but with a selection of colours and patterns they can be used to apply subtle, special emphasis and to correct proportions. Vertical patterns, for instance will extend the appearance of the interior while horizontal patterns will make it appear wider and lower.  With this convincing new design solution creative interior covering holds no bounds. 

Arstyll® wall panels are not only attractive, but with a Lambda value of 0.0573 they also have an insulating function.  In addition they can be superbly complimented with all NMC decoration products. 

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