Arnold Laver put its foot down to supply revolutionary flooring

Arnold Laver Timber World are developing a sound base for the future after becoming a lead supplier of flooring products.

The leading UK timber firm has teamed up with Finnforest to design and supply Finnframe Flooring System, the first technology based service to qualify for full environmental chain-of-custody certification.

Every branch of Arnold Laver has access to the group Engineered Products facility. The Engineered Products Division will use the Finnframe software to design the floors, before supplying the required materials to complete the development.

The Finnframe software has the advanced ability to convert the customers own floor plans into a 3D image of the supporting structure, together with a complete bill of materials and detailed site plans to provided a total flooring system devised specifically for the UK construction industry.

Shaun Marshall, Engineered Products Manager at Arnold Laver’s Sheffield Mosborough branch, said: We are designing and supplying this revolutionary product for many reasons. The technology has been built on sustainable and structural reliability, which is very topical at the moment and is an issue that house builders in particular will be adhering to in terms of environmental credentials.

“We are thrilled to be involved with Finnforest. It means that we are continuing to provide top class, innovative products and services for our customers, which will enable us to continue to retain our position of market leader.”

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