Arnold Laver meets Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is returning to Derbyshire and has enlisted the help of a local business.

A new adaptation of Jane Eyre is currently being filmed at a local beauty spot for BBC One and the producer has called in the assistance of Arnold Laver Timber World's Chesterfield branch to help.

The programme is being filmed on location at Haddon Hall and Arnold Laver has been called upon to supply large quantities of timber.

The materials are being used to create sets within Haddon Hall, reproducing stone arches and constructing rooms and corridors with panelling to create the periodic feel of the late 19th century.

Geoff Sargeant, Area Sales Representative for Arnold Laver in Chesterfield said: "I've seen some of the sets that have been built and they are fantastic. It shows how versatile Arnold Laver products are and how much can be achieved with them."

As well as the sets being built inside Haddon Hall, there is also an outdoor location with timber ordered to make a number of coffins.

Geoff added: "We have been working on a very tight schedule to help ensure the filming runs smoothly."

Diederick Santer, BBC Producer for the four-part Jane Eyre drama, says: "We needed to source materials and have them delivered to the location on a next day basis, sometimes even sooner. Arnold Laver was able to offer this and provide an outstanding service to the construction crew. Their materials have also been of excellent quality.

"We needed to be able to chop and change rooms in order to re-create the right look of that particular period in history for the screen. Arnold Laver has helped us achieve this. It was also important for us to use a business which was local to the area."

Jane Eyre is due to be shown on BBC One in the Autumn and stars Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre, Toby Stephens as Rochester, Francesca Annis as Lady Ingram, Pam Ferris as Grace Poole and Tara Fitzgerald as Mrs Reed. Georgie Henley, star of the blockbuster movie The Chronicles of Narnia plays young Jane.

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