Armstrong Ceilings’ guide inspires designers to reach new heights

A guide to the stunning solutions that can be achieved in ceiling design, no matter what the client brief, requirement or sector, has been launched by interior solutions provider Armstrong Building Products.

Armstrong Ceilings’ A Book is a collection of case studies from throughout Europe that showcase projects in the colour-coded sectors of healthcare, education, transport, offices, and retail and leisure.

Designed to inspire architects, specifiers and interior designers, the user-friendly guide provides examples of customised solutions that have met complex interior designs, environmental solutions to sustainable strategies, and contemporary canopies for modern trends.

It also focuses briefly on how Armstrong’s portfolio was designed in response to interior trends such as the increased demand for large, open-plan, flexible working spaces, urban living and sustainable building solutions.

Armstrong has met the requirement with, for example, minimal (thinner or hidden) grids for a monolithic visual, new standard shapes and sizes including curved tiles, and systems that complement building services and energy-saving/thermal mass construction.

Featured case studies include the use of:

  • More than 2million m² of bespoke metal ceilings in 60,000 different sizes that also featured as impact-resistant wall cladding at Dubai airport,

  • Ultima canopies to maximise natural daylight and optimise acoustics in high-traffic areas at The Storey Institute in Lancaster, England,

  • Axiom Classic canopies to revitalise worn out spaces and open plenums at the Bickert Bäckerei café in Germany,

  • Bioguard Plain MicroLook antimicrobial tiles to enhance cleanability and for light reflectance at the Villa Benita clinic in Estonia,

  • Ultima Vector tiles and i-ceilings to reduce reverberation and background noise levels at the Ljubljana Metropolitan Library in Slovenia.

  • Part of a new series of brochures and communications tools including Armstrong Ceilings’ interactive Book of Ideas which is now also available through Facebook, the A Book is expected to be updated on a regular basis.

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