Argenta invisible concept: invisible - from door frame to skirting- board

Minimalistic architecture swears by clean lines, sobriety and a 'back-to-the-basics' mentality. If you choose this style, you will naturally want the same look in your interior fittings. In that case, you will prefer your hinges completely recessed, invisibly integrated hardware and door frames that are no longer visible. Argenta's ‘invisible concept’ goes even a step further. Swinging doors, just as pivoting doors and sliding doors, can be recessed invisibly into a wall - from door frame to hinges to side channels, and even the skirting-board.

Invisible swinging doors

A fashionable interior starts with an aluminium door frame that can be plastered over: no longer visible after finishing. Combined with the invisible Neo S-5 or M-6 hinges (or the neo L-7 as an option) that are recessed into both the door frame and the door panel itself, this provides a total package for swinging interior doors that corresponds in every respect to the demand for aesthetic living. The invisidoor DL range is suitable for door thicknesses of (from 38 mm to) 40 mm, 44 or 50 mm. At Batibouw, you can see the Invisidoor DL50 with a built-in door closer.

Pivoting doors recessed just as seamlessly

Combined with a pivot hinge, the invisible aluminium door frame allows pivoting interior doors of up to 100 kg to be built in just as tightly. With the pivot system recessed into the door instead of the floor, the invisidoor AX Pro system is the ideal solution for both new construction and renovation, especially with under-floor heating. The door can open in both directions and remain open at 90°. Active dampers ensure that, when closing, the door returns to its closed resting position, beautifully aligned with the surface of the wall.
Built-in guiding system for room-height sliding doors barely visible in ceiling

A new, built-in guiding system ensures equally discreet integration of sliding doors in a minimalist interior. The invisidoor SDX125 package already included the door frame to be plastered over, and sliding door hardware that further emphasised the smooth look. But now, there's also a built-in side channel profile to recess discreetly into the ceiling. This sturdy, three-chamber profile (guide profile and finishing profile in a single unit) is given a dovetailed edge so that stucco or plastering adheres particularly well and so that no cracks appear.

NEW: Invisible skirting-boards

So door frames have been gone for some time now. And hinges and guides are no longer visible. Skirting-boards remained the only obstacle to a perfectly flat wall. But Argenta has now come up with a solution for this. These invisible skirting-boards are available in 2 models: a thin adhesive board and a recessed board that can be plastered over. These are grooved at the back for glue and have a dovetail profile for proper adhesion. A layer of primer will allow you to paint them directly along with the wall.

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