Are your Bins Protected?

I don’t know about you, but an outdoor wheelie bin never seems to have the most pleasant odour and they quite often seem to attract unwanted visitors such as insects and rodents. This is never a good look, particularly for premises that serve food like restaurants and schools.

But don’t worry; there is a way to avoid this – a bin shelter! Here at Able Canopies, we strive to offer our customers every kind of shade and shelter solution including shelter not only for people and bikes, but for their bins as well.

The Grasmere Bin Shelter is a fantastic innovative product which will keep your domestic and industrial wheelie bins sheltered from inclement weather so that your bins do not fill with water, it can also shield the surrounding areas from any odours which are usually associated with refuse bins.

Choosing to have a bin shelter installed will create a better atmosphere to your outdoor area by keeping your recycling and refuse waste in a designated area. And due to the polycarbonate side coverings this bin shelter is perfect for areas that are monitored by your security personnel or CCTV as the contents of the shelter can be viewed from all sides, allowing you to ensure the contents is not interfered with by vandals.

The shelter can be powder coated to any of our standard RAL colours enabling it to fit in with your setting so it is not noticeable to customers and staff. You can also choose to have secure lockable doors installed to the bin shelter to provide added protection to the contents.


To view our exclusive new bin shelter click here > The Grasmere Bin Shelter

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