Ardex SD-T topping to be replaced by Ardex K 80 topping.

ARDEX K 80 - Rapid Drying Industrial Topping/Wearing Surface ARDEX are delighted to announce the introduction of ARDEX K 80, another innovative, high quality product, further cementing their reputation as the premium brand leader of specialist construction materials, complemented by unrivalled technical and field support. ARDEX K 80 is a specially formulated cement-based compound for resurfacing and levelling existing concrete floors to give a hard, smooth, flat, wearing surface or as a base for suitable paint and resin coatings, tiles or natural stone. It is a rapid hardening, rapid drying, self levelling topping designed to resurface indoor concrete floors producing a surface suitable for commercial and light industrial areas including warehouse floors and utility areas.

The rapid drying feature of ARDEX K 80 means it can be installed overnight, by trowel or pump, virtually eliminating unnecessary down-time. Additional key features include high strength, coupled with excellent abrasion resistance and the ability to withstand heavy wheeled traffic. ARDEX K 80 can be used in conjunction with ARDEX SD-T B base mix to provide a cost efficient base coat and topping system ideal for thick layer, fast track installations.

ARDEX K80 rapid drying industrial topping provides the ideal combination of strength, low maintenance, ease of application and high durability with the addition of the unique ARDEX ‘Rapidry Formula’. The ‘Rapidry Formula’ chemically binds the water used for mixing, with the ARDEX K 80 literally drying within itself at the same time as it rapidly develops strength.

ARDEX K 80 is the right choice when design flexibility, low maintenance, premium performance and high durability are a must. For further information on the ARDEX product range please telephone 01440 714939, email or visit ARDEX online at

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