Ardex R 90 P Rake And Trowel Pu Screed ‘steaks’ out its claim

When Ivan Clarke Quality Catering Butchers were extending their modern production facility at Ilfracombe in Devon, they needed to be sure that they would receive the appropriate resin floor system that would meet the performance, appearance and budget criteria. It was also essential that the quality of the chosen materials and appointed flooring contractor would ensure a premium installation.

The successful partnership of flooring contractor Amicitia UK Limited of South Devon, and leading manufacturers of fast track resin flooring systems, ARDEX UK, once again joined forces to provide the perfect solution. Boasting an impressive record to date, ARDEX R 90 P Rake and Trowel Grade Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed was specified. Ideal for fast track projects in food processing environments, ARDEX R 90 P is available in a range of colours which is particularly useful when it is essential to differentiate areas. When installing floors within aggressive areas such as food processing, it is paramount to utilise a resin flooring system that has been developed to provide high chemical resistance, with a seamless and joint free finish. As cleanliness is critical in such locations, ARDEX R 90 P has been designed to offer a low maintenance, easily cleaned floor that will withstand stringent hygiene routines.

Amicitia UK regularly specify ARDEX R 90 P as it has been proven throughout many previous installations to be more efficient than a traditional trowel applied heavy duty polyurethane screed. The cured system forms a tough, easily cleaned, pigmented layer from 4mm up to 9mm thick, resulting in a hard wearing, slip and chemically resistant resin flooring system.

‘The need to install a high performance, cost efficient and easily maintained floor is of paramount importance within the food and beverage industry; from large food production areas, bottling plants, commercial kitchens and bakeries, through to supermarket floors. By specifying ARDEX resin flooring systems we can confidently assure our clients that their new floor will most certainly be ‘fit for purpose’, remarked Adrian Saxby of Amicitia UK Limited.

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