Ardex R 90 P Rake and Trowel PU Screed is a fast little worker.

Unistrut, the Metal Framing and Strut manufacturers, required a fast track installation for the refurbishment of a 135m2 storage area within their mechanical manufacturing and distribution centre. With an unsurpassed reputation for developing a sophisticated range of industrial flooring systems that are ideal for fast track projects, ARDEX was once again specified as the preferred manufacturer.

ARDEX’s industrial flooring range has been designed to provide a totally integrated system solution which combines product compatibility with premium performance. It has been proven throughout many demanding industrial environments including food processing and storage, abattoir’s, drinks production, dairies and general heavy duty plant and traffic areas.

Working in conjunction with specialist resin flooring applicators Lasercroft Flooring, ARDEX R 90 P Rake and Trowel Grade Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed was specified for this project. Once cured the system forms a tough, easily cleaned, pigmented layer from 4mm up to 9mm thick, providing a durable, slip resistant resin floor with high chemical resistance and a seamless, joint free finish. Available in a range of colours, ARDEX R 90 P has been formulated to provide an easily worked system that can be rapidly applied using a pin rake and trowel technique. This results in a more efficient installation process compared to a traditional trowel applied heavy duty polyurethane, thereby enabling larger areas to be completed in just one application.

“We specified ARDEX R 90 P as we knew that it would offer superb performance with the all important fast track assurance vital to this installation. The ARDEX industrial range really is exceptional and since the introduction to the UK marketplace has become a firm favourite with industrial flooring contractors”, enthused Steve Whitaker of Lasercroft Flooring.

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