Ardex provide cost effective swimming pool refurbishment

Newcastle under Lyme School were initially considering replacing their existing swimming pool, with a brand new pool, at a considerable cost of £1.5m – that is until ARDEX presented a far more economical refurbishment solution, which reduced the overall spend enormously!

All too often swimming pools are considered ‘beyond economical repair’, yet with expertise advice and premium performance tiling and grouting products from ARDEX, a highly cost effective refurbishment can be completed, with ‘as new’ results.

With a large number of local authority and commercial pools in the UK being involved in a refurbishment project, it is perhaps a reflection that investment in pool upgrades has been denied in the past. Whilst the prospect of new pools continues to be relatively scarce in today’s tough economic climate, the market for refurbishments and renovations is now buoyant, and ARDEX continue to be called upon to supply tiling and grouting system solutions for numerous schools, colleges, hotels, health clubs and private pools.

For this project, ARDEX worked in conjunction with specialist swimming pool contractors, Aqua Tilers Limited of Tyldesley, Manchester, who commenced the project by rendering the wall surfaces of the pool with ARDEX AM 100 fast track one coat tiling render. The rapid hardening properties of ARDEX AM 100 enables tiles to be fixed just 2 hours after application, guaranteeing a time saving of at least two weeks compared to a traditional wall render.

An application of ARDEX S 21 bedding mortar was used to create falls in the changing rooms and to pre-level the pool base prior to tiling. The inherent rapid hardening properties of ARDEX S 21 again assisted a fast track completion, as tiling was able to progress after just 3 hours.

To fix the slip resistant ceramic tiles to the pool deck, ARDEX-FLEX 5001 grey flexible tile adhesive was specified. Suitable for internal, external and immersed locations, as well as being ideal for use with all types of tiles, including fully vitrified and porcelain, ARDEX-FLEX 5001 delivers superb adhesion, very high yield, plus excellent slump resistance and adjustability.

ARDEX-FLEX 5000 white flexible tile adhesive was used for fixing the tiles to the pool surround and changing room facilities. ARDEX-FLEX 5000 provides a wide range of benefits including, excellent slump resistance, enhanced adhesion properties and the ability to fix all types of tiles, including porcelain. In addition to enhanced adhesion and excellent slump resistance, ARDEX-FLEX 5000 offers a built-in admix, which guarantees factory assured levels of performance and results in significant cost savings compared to using a traditional cement-based adhesive with a separate admix.

The pool interior tile joints were grouted with epoxy-based ARDEX WA grout. Easy to apply and clean off, ARDEX WA provides a waterproof and chemically resistant joint from 2-12mm wide. These features make it a very economical choice for use in swimming pools, showers, sports centres and other specialised buildings where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are vital.

ARDEX-FLEX FL rapid setting, flexible tile grout with built-in admix, was chosen in grey to grout the floor tile joints, with ARDEX-FLEX FS grout in white specified for grouting the wall tiles. Available in 32 colours, ARDEX-FLEX tile grouts incorporate key features including flexibility, water repellence, ease of application and dirt resistance, which combine to ensure the perfect conclusion to any tiling installation.

Asa Taylor of Aqua Tilers remarked, “We complete many swimming pool projects, with an increasing number requiring a refurbishment of their existing pool. With ARDEX, we are able to provide our clients with highly cost effective solutions, bringing their pools ‘back to life’.

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