Architectural Mouldings Ltd. Celebrates 25 Years-Still Proving That ‘More is More’.

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom– Whilst many look at the economy and put their wallet back in their pocket, the team at Gloucestershire-based Architectural Mouldings Limited are seeing something totally different – a willingness for some to actually spend more.

In fact, the company has seen solid growth throughout the economic downturn, and will soon be celebrating their 25th anniversary.

For a quarter of a decade Architectural Mouldings Limited have been producing bespoke interior and exterior features, with a special focus on ornamental fibrous plasterwork, conservations and restorations.

Darren Fullbrook, Director and part of the company family dynasty, thinks he knows why – at a time when most are trying to save – others are looking to spend more:

“In times like these, when people are spending, they want their investment to give them something of true and solid quality. It could be a tailored suit, a gold watch or, in our case, bespoke plasterwork. It’s an opportunity for people to prove their standing and showcase their own worth” he says.

Traditionally, the intricate fixtures and features that Architectural Mouldings Limited produces were commissioned to display wealth.

While modern technology has now made other plasterwork products cheaper, Darren and his team believe that traditional, hand-made mouldings are still the best:

“When installed in the correct way, you can’t beat the lasting quality that true craftsmanship provides” he says. Continuing, “Not only will your home look better, but the property’s value will be held for longer or even increased.”

This attention to quality is the secret to the company’s lasting reputation. In the moulding and restoration sector, 25 years is something of a golden milestone – and Architectural Mouldings Limited has proven that quality wins, every time.

To find out more about the company, view samples of their work and see how they can help you, please visit:

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