Architects Specify Solid Wood Flooring

A large number of designer engineered flooring products from The Solid Wood Flooring company are now being specified by Architects and Designers, some examples are listed below:

E344L Brushed and Oiled Oak board using the same WOCA oil that was used in St Pancreas Station for hard wear and durability. This board comes in widths 190mm and lengths of 1860mm 19mm thick with a solid 4mm top layer, this means that our flooring is 4 times more sustainable than solid wood, more stable and easier to lay. It can also be used for underfloor heating without any underlays or subfloors as all our engineered boards are structural.

E502 Oiled American Black Walnut using the WOCA master Oil in widths of 190 and lengths of 1860 with a solid 6mm top layer .

E342 Black Oak this has been used in many stores and home and was specified for a large house in Regents Park this board is 150mm wide 20mm thick with a 5mm solid top layer in lengths of 1900mm

Engineered boards are more sustainable than solid wood and can be laid as a floating floor.

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