Arch Timber Employee Features in National Press

Recent newspaper reports have claimed that University graduates are increasingly unable to find employment due to cost cutting and increased competition. Arch Timber Protection’s newest Development Chemist Natalie Luter, however, believes that graduate job seekers simply are not working hard enough to find the right opportunities in a recent article featured in the Daily Mail.

Chemistry Graduate Natalie, 24, began working at Arch in Castleford, West Yorkshire just over one year ago and warns recent graduates to be flexible whilst job-hunting. Natalie commented, “Be flexible about what you want to do or you limit your job search by being too specific. At the moment, I’m doing laboratory work, but I never thought I’d end up putting timber decking together to test our chemical products as well – but, I really enjoy it”.

According to the Career Mail article featured in the Daily Mail’s August 12th issue, despite the widely publicised figure of 70 candidates chasing each graduate vacancy, there are huge variations according to sector and vacancies have increased this year in the construction industry. This year alone, Arch has employed three graduates on a full-time basis in Marketing and Chemistry related roles and two summer placement students, who will return to University with the vocational skills needed to increase their employability in the future.

Natalie also advises recent graduates to broaden their approach to job searching. Natalie commented, “After graduating, I registered with graduate agencies but they often suggested vacancies in London and the South-East, but I wanted a job in the Leeds-area. So, I searched for vacancies online also and found my current job on a local newspaper website. There are jobs out there, but they will not always be what you expect”.

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