Aqualux secures International Hilton contract

Rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s biggest names, Aqualux, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bath screens and shower enclosures, has secured a prestigious ongoing international contract with the Hilton hotel chain.

To capture the imagination of developers of a new hotel in India, Aqualux’s in-house designers went back to the drawing board to create three bespoke Walk-in shower enclosures starting with 93 Cosmopolitan B-Shape Walk-In enclosures exclusively designed for the Hilton Garden Inn in the centre of New Delhi.

Presented with a brief to design a stylish and practical showering solution, Aqualux’s design team, led by Neil Harrison, paid meticulous attention to every aspect of the shower enclosure. The expert team of designers had to ensure it mirrored the casual and relaxed ethos of the upmarket hotel chain, currently the fastest growing brand in the Hilton Hotel Group.

Crafted with functionality in mind, Cosmopolitan features a unique elevated drying area for ease of maintenance. Overcoming the greatest technical challenge, Aqualux designed a fully integrated tray solution with a signature tread to complement the modified drying space.

Neil Harrison commented: “Throughout the design process care was taken to achieve a contemporary design with attention to the important details that ‘make’ the design.

“Starting with the available footprint, a walk-in solution was created for recess fitting. The use of a single fixed curved front panel gives an enhanced showering area with the advantage of no moving parts. The tray tread pattern and drying area surfaces were developed to meet a combination of functional and aesthetic goals.”

Following the successful installation in New Delhi, Aqualux was enlisted to supply another bespoke enclosure, Mondial, a simplistic adaptation of Cosmopolitan, to the Hampton Hotel, part of the Hilton Empire.

Samples of Mondial join the third and final enclosure in the exclusive Hilton series, Continental 1600, to appear on display for existing and potential franchisees at Hilton headquarter showrooms world-wide, including Memphis and L.A.

Aqualux national specifications manager, Colin Henderson commented: “Unsurprisingly it’s taken a year for the Hilton project to progress from the initial application to producing the finished product.

“We caught the eyes of the client with our initial proposal, but they wanted something completely unique that could be associated with their brand, so we embarked on a long and challenging journey but the end result makes it very worthwhile.”

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