Aqualux offers FREE showroom display system

Get your hands on the latest showroom must have with Aqualux's FREE state-of-the-art enclosure and literature display units.

The UK's leading manufacturer of bath screens and shower enclosures is offering customers a FREE display unit with a choice of five modular units, including Aqualux's latest products, and FREE installation.

The modular displays are available in a variety of sizes and multiple units can be configured together to suit any size area. Units can be ordered by size, including 1000mm, 1500mm and 1700mm. The display system also comes with optional graphic panels which fit inside the enclosures.

As well as the FREE display unit and installation, Aqualux is also offering 70 per cent discount on display products.

The eye-catching display has been designed to create a focalpoint in any showroom and features silver dividing panels with the Aqualux's signature teardrop cut out of each unit. A free literature display stand is also available to complement the display and to ensure customers always have an Aqualux brochure to hand.

For smaller showroom areas there is even an ultra-modern four-sided shower display unit which can hold two 760mm and two 800mm pivot or bi-fold doors.

As well as the shower enclosure display, bath screens can also be displayed in the new Bath Screen unit, which is available as stand-alone or can be combined with the main display.

For more information about Aqualux's new display system and for a brochure with details of the different components available call Aqualux on 0870 241 6131 or contact your local area sales manager.

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