Aqualux blog makes living history

Wednesbury-based Aqualux is backing the History Matters campaign, with an eco-friendly entry by its marketing manager in the biggest blog in history.

Sandra Hyde joined the campaign on Tuesday 17 October whilst attending the Bathroom Manufacturers Association inaugural conference. The spirited debates on environmental issues inspired Sandra to mark the day and record the attitudes and ambitions voiced at the event for future generations to understand more about the specific concerns faced by companies and individuals in 2006.

The conference had two main parts, “Precious Water” and “Water Pressures”. Both sessions looked at customer demands and assessing the threat caused by water shortages and climate change.

As the UK's leading manufacturer of bath screen and shower enclosures, Aqualux is working hard to meet environmental concerns and has already created a ‘green’ garden at its headquarters. A main focus for the company is the current and future water shortage, the ecology and potential future plans to save and preserve water.

The heritage organisations behind the History Matters - pass it on campaign, including the National Trust and English Heritage, have been urging everyone in the UK to take part in a mass blog recording how we lived on one single day, creating a massive electronic snapshot in words of everyday life at the beginning of the 21st century, which will be stored in perpetuity as a social history archive.

Sandra said: “The wonderful thing about taking part is that we have no idea how the issues and concerns of today may have changed in the future. When we are discussing the environment, will future generations look at 2006 as a turning point which helped to save the planet, or will they have a totally different perspective?

“Aqualux is at the forefront of these changes and decisions, so it is good that the company has been included in this national record.”

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