Approval for new Part L

Knauf Insulation welcomes the revisions to Part L of the Building Regulations and Section 6 of Scotland’s Building Standards, which aim to reduce CO2 emissions across-the-board by an additional 25percent and 30percent in Scotland compared to current standards.

Of particular interest is the recognition that there is significant heat loss through unfilled cavities in separating walls between attached dwellings.  The new versions will come into force this October requiring any new build party walls to be fully filled with an insulation material that has been shown to limit air movement and have effective edge sealing, in order to achieve an effective U-value of zero. 

Stephen Wise, Technical Development Manager at Knauf Insulation states: “Mineral wool insulation is particularly suitable for this application as independent tests undertaken by the School of the Built Environment at Leeds Metropolitan University showed that the effect of full fill mineral wool insulation was to eliminate the party wall thermal bypass, when combined with the installation of simple sleeved mineral wool cavity barriers to provide edge sealing. Importantly, on site testing showed that the acoustic performance of the walls is also maintained after filling with mineral wool.”

“The revisions to Part L and Section 6 are substantial in the drive towards the Government’s zero carbon goal and Knauf Insulation supports this by developing and furthering our own energy efficient building materials and solutions.”

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