AppliCad USA launches exciting new web site

AppliCad is a long standing developer of unique software for the roofing and cladding industry and exports product to 37 countries including the USA from its development HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Taking advantage of the input from industry experts they connect with around the world, AppliCad has been able to build a wealth of knowledge about the way technology may be used in the roofing and cladding industry.  This information has been collated in a very useful form on their new web site.

AppliCad’s innovation and technical leadership is immediately evident when the amazing amount of information on the new web site is reviewed.  There are technical articles, product application notes, movie clips, tutorials, example output and even an interactive ROI (return on investment) calculator where a roofer can analyze their own situation. 

Investment in technology is often seen simply in terms of the purchase price when in fact the real cost must include the implementation as well.  The ROI calculator and the accompanying documents makes a very strong case for a well thought out implementation strategy that takes a relatively small benefit in the estimating department to a profitable return when the whole enterprise is included in the formula. 

In fact it shows that even with a very modest implementation in a quite small business with just one estimator (typically the owner) the business will produce a 100% return in less than a year.  Include the downstream benefits in the plan and the return may be less than 3 months!  Some roofers report that the initial investment can be recovered on their very first job!

Technology is a productivity tool in a business, allowing us to do more with less.  

Visit the Applicad web site for a few tips on how you can enjoy the benefits too.

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