Another great success for Drive Revive® from DrivewayFix

Another private driveway in Sutton Coldfield has been revived using Drive Revive® from DrivewayFix. Built in the mid 1990s, the driveway was at the stage where it had begun to look tired and worn, this was especially apparent in the colour of the tarmac driveway – which looked considerably faded.

After seeing other homeowners on the estate use Drive Revive® on their tarmac drive, the owners of the house decided to call upon DrivewayFix to help rejuvenate their drive.

Drive Revive® was recommended by DrivewayFix to the homeowners. Drive Revive® is a water based tarmac paint that will make your driveway look as good as new. Environmentally friendly, it will protect against normal wear and tear and severely inhibits weed, algae and moss growth.

Although the homeowners wanted to use Drive Revive® they were reluctant to apply the product themselves. Luckily, DrivewayFix offers a ‘Registered DrivewayFixer’ programme.

DrivewayFix has registered contractors across the country who are on hand to help with any paving and tarmac driveway problems. They are all approved by DrivewayFix to ensure that they work to the highest of standards.

Local DrivewayFixer, RJC Building and Paving, based in Sutton Coldfield, were on hand to complete this project. They began by treating the drive with Pre-Wash to remove any oil and grease residue. By doing this, a clean and even surface is created – the perfect foundation for Drive Revive®. RJC Building & Paving then applied two coats of Drive Revive® to the drive.

The 80 square metre project was completed with ease and to the highest of standards. The homeowners were really pleased with the results and happy with the service RJC Building and Paving provided them.

For more information on Pre-Wash and Drive Revive®, please visit or call 01827 871871.

For more information on becoming a registered contractor, or to find your local contractor, please email or alternatively call 01827 871871.

To contact RJC Building & Paving, please email

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