Andrews Water Heaters has supplied three gas-fired storage water heaters to provide domestic hot water throughout the new Travelodge hotel which forms part of the major redevelopment of Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. Built in 1916, the former tyre factory and warehouse was, at the time, one of the largest in the world but, after being unoccupied for some 25 years, it had become completely derelict. However, with funds provided by the Regional Development Agency, the site has been converted into an iconic commercial and retail centre with hotel accommodation attached.

Three Andrews CSC78 gas-fired storage water heaters provide all domestic hot water for the ten storey Travelodge, serving bedroom showers and wash hand basins, bar/café kitchen, and staff toilets. Each unit has a capacity of 276 litres and a recovery rate of 1365 litres per hour through temperature rise of 50oC. This extremely fast recovery rate is particularly suitable for a major hotel installation and the newly installed units provide ample hot water for the 100 bedroom hotel, where demand for hot water peaks at specific times, whatever the level of occupancy.

Located in a basement plant room, which formed part of the original Fort Dunlop Building, Andrews’ CSC water heaters are room-sealed with a fan-assisted, balanced flue. This draws in outside air and exhausts combustion gases via a single concentric flue, and is therefore perfect for installation in a basement location which may lack adequate ventilation.

Of particular importance in commercial water heating installations of this type is the elimination of legionella bacteria. All Andrews Water Heaters have an anti-legionella program as standard which ensures that the stored water is regularly heated to a temperature at which the bacteria cannot survive. In addition, the design of the tank precludes legionella colonisation, even with a build-up of debris, as water at the bottom of the tank reaches at least the same temperature as the rest of the stored water. These features are complemented by the Andrews Hydrojet® system which is designed to increase turbulence, reduce sediment build-up and thermal stacking resulting in enhanced delivery. The Hydrojet® system therefore makes a significant contribution to the effectiveness of the water heaters’ anti-legionella functionality.

Other features of the range include auto-ignition as standard, a concentric sealed flue system, up to 10 bar working pressure, the factory-fitted Hydrojet® tank recirculation system, cathode scale protection via a magnesium anode, fully automatic control and, on natural gas models, BEMS compatibility. The CSC range is suitable for use with vented or unvented systems and with natural gas or LPG.

Each water heater is supplied with a horizontal or vertical flue kit and at the Birmingham Fort Dunlop Travelodge these were horizontal, as flues were designed to terminate through the wall, due to the special nature of the roof: the country’s largest ‘green roof’’ which is planted with sedum and offers a rooftop promenade. An optional accessory also supplied with each water heater was a special 7 bar unvented kit to ensure that the water is supplied at a constant pressure despite the height of the building.

The Andrews CSC water heaters were specified by consulting engineers Bennett Williams and installed by MITIE Engineering Ltd. of Tamworth.

The new Fort Dunlop complex is a true 24 hour building, designed to ensure that the business community offers both tenants and visitors everything they need in a single site. The main building is complemented by the striking new Travelodge hotel, which is physically attached to the main building for maximum convenience.

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