Andrews Water Heaters has supplied a SOLARflo solar thermal water heating system, together with two OFS163 oil-fired storage water heaters, to provide energy efficient hot water for the brand new dormitory block at Brymore School of Rural Technology in Cannington, Somerset. Brymore School, which provides education for boys aged 13-17 years, differs from many other secondary schools as it offers a hands-on experience for learning through its organic working farm and gardens. In addition to normal classroom work, pupils are involved in four principle areas of development: the farm, the workshop, the garden and sport. The new accommodation building therefore required a robust hot water system as it will need to be available throughout the day and night for showers, depending on pupil’s outdoor activities and responsibilities. It would also need to provide sufficient water for peak usage, as groups of students would be preparing for and returning from activities at the same time.

One of the main specifications for the new building was the use of LZC (Low/ Zero Carbon) technologies, maximising energy efficiency and the use of renewable resources. Heat Radiation Ltd, the contractors for the project, immediately looked to Andrews to fulfil this requirement for the hot water system. Seven SOLARflo glazed flat plate aluminium tray solar collectors were fitted at the same angle as the roof, roughly 20°, to optimise their energy efficiency. The roof incorporates Northern Lights, designed to further increase the environmental credentials of the building by allowing plenty of natural light to enter and reducing reliance on electricity. The two OFS163 water heaters are installed in a plant room adjoining the accommodation block and this system serves 30 basins, 20 showers and 4 baths located throughout the building. Chris Gray of Heat Radiation Ltd commented, ‘We have used Andrews water heaters frequently over the years as we have always found them to be reliable and efficient with good technical back up, which is why we were confident in specifying Andrews’ SOLARflo solar thermal package for this project as well. The installation at Brymore School was simple and straightforward.”

Solar thermal systems are designed to be highly effective even on overcast days, as 45% of the sun’s energy collected by the panels is not visible to the naked eye. In addition to the glazed flat plate solar collectors and non-corrosive stainless steel solar cylinder, the complete SOLARflo package includes solar controls, pump station, expansion vessels and collector mounting accessories. Water for the building is preheated by the solar collectors and the heat is then transferred to the single coil unvented cylinder, which in turn supplies the OFS163 water heaters, consequently reducing oil consumption.

Andrews’ range of Oil-Fired Storage water heaters offers all the benefits of their well-established gas-fired counterparts. Available in a choice of six sizes providing outputs from 432 lts/h to 2786 lts/h when raised through 50°C, the independently fired units are designed for the continuous high efficiency production of hot water in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. To neutralise corrosive elements in the water, the mild steel storage tank has a special formula vitreous enamel lining and cathodic protection is provided by Magnesium Anode/s or, alternatively, Correx® maintenance-free anodes can be supplied as an optional extra. All Andrews oil-fired storage water heaters are supplied complete with controls and are suitable for use with 28 and 35 second oil.

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