When two Andrews Supa-Flo Series water heaters were installed at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, an Olympic training facility at Picketts Lock, Edmonton, energy efficiency was one of the main reasons for their selection. That was two years ago, and the building has now been awarded the highest level Display Energy Certificate (DEC) ‘A’ Grade, placing it in the top 1% of public buildings.

DECs are just one Government initiative designed to reduce carbon emissions in buildings and they have been in effect for nearly a year. On each DEC, there is an Operational Rating which shows the building’s actual carbon emissions for the last two years, from a ‘G’ rating, which uses the most energy, to an ‘A’ rating, which means the building is producing only a quarter or less of the carbon emissions typical of its size and function.

The two Supa-flo water heaters are installed in the main plant room where their compact dimensions and rectangular shape made them easy to accommodate alongside other plant. Hot water is supplied to two banks of six showers and wash hand basins in the female and the male changing areas. The water heaters each have a nominal output of 139 kW and a recovery rate of 2382 l/hour through a temperature rise of 50oC.

Supa-Flo water heaters are fast, quiet, compact and highly efficient, with a net efficiency of 104%. Due to their extremely fast recovery rates the Supa-Flo range is ideal for installations where peak demand for hot water occurs at specific times. The newly installed units provide ample hot water for the 12 showers in the female and male changing facilities, whatever the level of demand.

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