AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT……..Panel Projects helps realise Wonders of Weston art installation: ‘The John Cleese Silly Scope’

Panel Projects have assisted in the development of art installation ‘The John Cleese Silly Scope’, one of the Wonders of Weston artworks unveiled at the weekend.

Bristol-based Panel Projects, is recognised as a leading provider of specialist laminated composite panels used normally used in the construction of clean rooms, cold rooms, data suites, and even airport terminals. Adapting this expertise to the completion of a mobile art structure, which embodies the silly walks of Weston Super Mare’s most famous son John Cleese, was all in a day’s work.

The mobile structure is made of rubber and Styrofoam cladding, laminated and completed for installation by Panel Projects. The 5m long temporary structure encourages visitors and residents to see the world askew. As people walk through the mirrored interior they get the impression that they too have a Monty Pythonesque funny walk. 

Designer Corey Burr, who worked with architects Raumlaborberlin to create the artwork said: “Even though the lead time for this project was very short, Panel Project’s enthusiasm for this scheme was great and they understood the tongue in cheek nature of the piece.”

Panel Project’s Peter Denford said: “As I live in Weston it was great to be involved in a project designed to help rejuvenate the town and it was exciting to be able to use our expertise with composite panels on something “completely different” from usual.” 

‘The John Cleese Silly Scope’ will first be located outside Weston station.

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