Ancon Wall Tie named in Thin-Joint Robust Detail

Robust Details Ltd (RDL) has launched E-WM-10: a ‘robust detail’ covering the build of thin-joint separating walls in which the two masonry leaves are joined by Staifix HRT4 wall ties. No other type or brand of wall tie is currently approved for use with this detail.

RDL assesses and approves separating wall and floor constructions, for use in new build attached dwellings, which are capable of consistently exceeding the performance standards of Approved Document E. Use of the Robust Details scheme negates the need for mandatory pre-completion sound testing.

The Staifix HRT4 wall tie is manufactured by Ancon Building Products and is readily available from builders’ merchants and other specialist distributors throughout the UK. It is value-engineered from high tensile wire giving it the slender profile required to fit in a ‘thin joint’. Furthermore, independent tests have proven the HRT4 tie has a measured dynamic stiffness of <4.8MN/m3 making it a ‘Type A’ tie and therefore suitable for use with all current Robust Details for cavity masonry separating walls, whether traditional or thin-joint blockwork. The HRT4 also has BBA approval and meets the technical requirements of the NHBC.

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