Ancon ST1 ‘Type 1’ Wall Ties

The Ancon ST1 wall tie is now available in five lengths to suit cavities from 50mm to 150mm.

In its longest length, 300mm, the ST1 is ideal for cavities of 150mm; this tie allows additional embedment in the inner leaf to help keep the tie horizontal during build, which can be difficult to achieve with a 275mm tie installed at standard embedment.

As a Type 1 Heavy Duty tie to BS5628-1 (2005), a British Standard which classifies ties according to their strength and function, the ST1 can be used in the construction of any building, of any height, anywhere in the British Isles.

The ST1 is manufactured from stainless steel for its strength and corrosion resistance, has specially designed safety ends to reduce the risk of injury during handling and installation, and features multiple drips to allow it to be used in partial-fill cavities.

For more information on the ST1 wall tie range, please contact Ancon Building Products on either +44 (0) 114 275 5224 or email

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