Ancon Isolan Provides Thermal Break on Sheffield’s Daisy Spring Works Development

Ancon Isolan balcony connectors provide a thermal break between the external concrete balconies and the internal concrete floor slabs on the seven storey Daisy Spring Works development in Sheffield. In applications such as balcony locations, where concrete slabs pass through the building envelope, a ‘cold bridge’ is created which can result in significant heat loss. The Ancon Isolan system provides continuity to both the slab reinforcement and the thermal insulation of the wall, to minimise the effects of cold bridging.

Standard Isolan systems, comprising rigid CFC-free styropor insulation and Duplex stainless steel shear reinforcement, suit most depths of cantilever and simply supported balconies.

Isolan uses conventional grade 500B reinforcing bars to provide the tension and compression reinforcement. When compared with systems where this reinforcement is an integral component, Isolan can provide substantial cost savings and simplify scheduling, transportation, handling and installation.

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