Ancon BIM Objects Updated to meet NBS BIM Object Standard

All Ancon BIM Objects in Revit and IFC format have been updated to meet the National BIM Library Standard. The NBS BIM Object Standard defines requirements for the information, geometry, behaviour and presentation of BIM objects, to give reassurance of quality that will enable greater collaboration and efficient information exchange across the construction industry.

Available free, these data-rich BIM Objects allow Ancon products to be easily incorporated into a 3D building model and its associated component database.

Offered as part of the NBS portfolio, users can be confident each file has been quality-checked by the NBS team, catalogued in line with the National Building Specification and has a product structure designed to work seamlessly with the BIM specification tool NBS Create, as well as being compatible with COBie spreadsheets and IFC data exchanges.

Ancon’s BIM Objects cover a wide range of the company’s market-leading products, including standard cavity wall ties and other masonry restraints, masonry supports, windposts and masonry reinforcement, tension bar systems, shear load connectors, stud rails and reinforcement continuity systems; all of which are critical to the structural integrity of a building and essential to an accurate BIM model.

In addition to 2D and 3D product representations, each BIM Object includes embedded product information and associated data to support the specification and provide an audit trail for the components throughout the life of the building. The objects also feature parametric design settings which provide the necessary flexibility to create project-specific Ancon details.

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