Ancon AMR Masonry Reinforcement: Now Available in Two New Wire Diameters

Ancon has added two new wire diameters to the AMR masonry reinforcement range.
Ancon AMR is a fabricated steel reinforcement which locates in a bed joint to improve the structural performance of a masonry wall. It is now manufactured in 3.5mm and 4.5mm, in addition to the existing 3mm, 4mm and 5mm sizes.
The new 5-size range suits the same wide variety of loading conditions, but the new half sizes will, in some instances, provide a more cost-effective solution.
To help engineers specify the most suitable reinforcement for their project, Ancon’s Technical Services Team provides a free masonry panel design service.
AMR is manufactured from stainless or galvanised steel and is available in four widths to suit masonry from 100mm to 215mm wide. The longitudinal wires are flattened to less than 3mm to ensure good mortar cover in a 10mm joint even when lapped or used with wall ties.

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