An inventory of city street furniture

The ongoing series ‘Inventory’ is a cultural project exploring the ephemeral characteristics of public space and street furniture by Oddviz, an Istanbul-based photogrammetry and digital collective.

Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements using photographs, measuring objects in detail to create compositions using objects as units. Beginning in the Istanbul neighborhood of Kadıköy, Oddviz’s captures a wide range of street objects, measuring their complexity, size, and number. Since starting Oddviz, the collective has captured 400 unique street objects such as 150 ancient wells-fountains in Venice and 200 facades-sidewalks in Kreuzberg-Berlin.

Public space collects culture constantly as the surfaces are painted with tags, graffiti and covered with stickers. Conditions change with weather, impacts, and maintenance. Interferences create uniqueness, but unlike cultural objects under protection in museums or galleries, street furniture is in constant danger of renovation or replacement. Using photogrammetry, Oddviz is documenting and protecting street culture in 3-dimensions with high-resolution texture.

During the creation of the first composition of Istanbul street objects, a random arrangement was appropriate referencing the chaotic soul of the city. During the composition of Manhattan inventory, Oddviz used an arrangement similar to grid-based city plan it is built on with an emphasis on vertical growth of the city.

The collective is currently working on other stills and videos as well as online-VR presentations.

By Sophia Platts Palmer 

Image credit: Oddviz




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