Alumasc green roof is the quay to Waterfront Regeneration

A ZinCo green roof system from Alumasc has provided a distinctive and environmentally friendly solution for the new Brewer’s Fayre pub & restaurant at Beacon Quay, Torquay.

Owned by Whitbread, The Inn on the Quay is part of Torquay’s Waterfront Regeneration - a major £21 million investment designed to revitalise the harbour and waterfront areas.

The project is also an excellent example of the way green roofs can be adapted successfully for all types of structure - including smaller buildings and sloping roofs.

Alumasc ZinCo was chosen for the project because it offers a complete green roof system with all the components for this specialist area of construction. The Floradrain drainage layer is a vital part of any successful green roof. A system of channels on the underside ensures drainage for water, troughs for retaining water for plants – even on sloping roofs – and holes that allow aeration to the roots and evaporation of water from the moisture mat underneath.

Designed by ADS Design and installed by Douglas Roofing for Pearce Construction, the roof comprises a sedum carpet finish on the Zinco Floradrain FD25 drainage element, Hydrotech waterproof membrane which included a Hydrogard root barrier. The sloping roof features an extensive planting scheme created with a pre-cultivated sedum mat, which will require minimal maintenance and no irrigation.

Extensive roofs are ideal for non-access areas as they are lightweight, economic to install while offering many ecological benefits for the surrounding environment. Another key element in the roof is the Hydrotech waterproof membrane, chosen due to its extreme durability and longevity.

This tough, self-healing flexible system is designed to last the lifetime of the building and its monolithic construction means there is no risk of water tracking or lap failure.

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