Altecnic launch lobbying campaign at Westminster

The overlooked issues surrounding domestic water efficiency have been bought to the attention of the Government as Alan Sherwin, managing director of Altecnic Ltd addressed MP’s during a ministerial briefing at the House of Commons. 

With residential water efficiency at the top of the agenda for the UK’s leading supplier of quality equipment, an invitation to Westminster offered the ideal stage to address the lack of UK legislation regulating water wastage.

During the briefing with Mark Prisk, Minister for Business and Enterprise, Alan Sherwin raised concerns about the limitations of current legislation which currently only covers new builds and does not extend to the UK’s existing housing stock.

Commenting on his visit, Alan said: “We feel the government is missing a massive opportunity to help thousands of households economically and environmentally. Consumers are facing huge price increases from water boards, but by installing easy to fit water regulators such as our Calflow Plus devices to taps, a typical household could save over 9,000 litres per person a year. Many people are literally watching their money go down the drain and we think it’s about time that the government addressed this issue and made it a higher priority.

“The ministerial briefing was very positive and Mark Prisk recognised that although water saving had not been top of the agenda, it should play an important part of the government’s ongoing green initiatives. As market leaders, Altecnic is best placed to continue to lobby government for important legislative changes and make sure the views of the industry are heard.”

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