Altecnic encourages economic and environmental sense

Altecnic is urging plumbers to promote the economic and environmental benefits of pressure reducing valves (PRVs) to customers in the domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

As plumbing equipment becomes more sophisticated, mains pressure is increasingly being used in situations that have been traditionally associated with low-pressure gravity systems. With the growing popularity of un-vented hot water heaters and continental-style multi-outlet showers, the need to install PRVs to regulate and control pressure flow is increasing, giving plumbers and installers the opportunity to add value and increase their sales for new installations, by telling customers about the benefits of installing the easy-to-fit device.

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of quality plumbing equipment, Altecnic offers a comprehensive range of PRVs to suit any type of installation from domestic to industrial use. The 533” range is designed for domestic and semi-commercial situations with a maximum pressure inlet of 12 bar and working temperature of up to 65°C, whilst the 300 series is specifically designed to meet the challenges of commercial and industrial installations and can withstand water flow up to 25 bar.

Sales director Chris Ramster commented: “Installing PRVs makes economic and environmental sense to both plumbers and their customers.  We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of these devices in the UK, supported by stock levels to meet all requirements. They’re quick and easy to install and because of our commitment to accreditation and high quality manufacturing, plumbers can be assured of a hassle-free fit.”

Designed as a one-piece cartridge to allow easy maintenance and servicing, Altecnic’s PRVs also have inbuilt filters to trap harmful debris. Using proven diaphragm construction, the devices also successfully maintain constant outlet pressures under flow and no flow conditions.   

For more information about Altecnic’s PRV range visit or call the sales team on 01785 218200.

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