Altecnic advises to go with the flow

Altecnic is responding to the announcement that Britain is facing a widespread drought this summer by campaigning for more awareness amongst plumbers about the water and energy conserving benefits of installing flow regulators.

In light of the stark forecast by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of quality of plumbing equipment is calling for the industry to focus on educating consumers on the substantial savings and environmental benefits of installing Altecnic’s simple to fit patented water flow regulator, Calflow Plus

The average household uses 150 litres of water per person per day. Based on a conservative estimate of 12 litres per minute flow rate, installing Calflow Plus, which retails at just over £13, halves this to approximately 6 litres per minute, resulting in a potential reduction of around £87 a year on a water bill and £19 in energy savings. Three years after having Calflow Plus installed it is estimated utility bills can reduced by as much as £300*. Installing Calflow Plus on all outlets would also save approximately 9,125 litres of water per person per annum.

Altecnic’s technical director, Gary Perry commented: “The figures speak for themselves, there are considerable savings to be made financially and environmentally by installing Calflow Plus. As more of the country faces the prospect of drought, we’d like to see plumbers advising their customers about the benefits of installing relatively inexpensive flow regulators and really driving home the important water conservation message. Recommending Calflow Plus makes obvious sense for both plumbers and their customers, generating new business opportunities that offer consumers genuine cost-savings.”

Calflow Plus is quick and easy to install and has been developed and manufactured to the highest quality Italian standards, earning WRAs approval and the Waterwise marque. The clever device incorporates a filtration mesh to prevent debris entering and damaging valves. It also aids even distribution in a multi-outlet new build and are capable of regulating water flow between 2 – 18 litres a minute, operating up to an intlet pressure of 16 bar.

More details about Calflow Plus can be found at or by calling the Altecnic trade line on 01785 218200.

*OFWAT gives the cost of supply and sewage at £0.002 per litre

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