High performance acoustic ceiling systems from Ecophon are being employed by the Republic of Ireland’s biggest bank for the fit-out of all its high street branches and administrative offices.

The Allied Irish Bank’s own property department opted for the use of Ecophon’s Advantage™ E15. It was selected over alternative products on the basis of the tiles suitability to a demanding application in premises presenting a key aspect of the institution’s public face. The factors taken into the decision making process included appearance, acoustic performance, ease of installation and demountability for service access as well as cost.

Typical of the projects undertaken by Allied Irish Bank’s contractors has been the refurbishment of the branch on Upper Bagott Street in Dublin. There, Advantage™ E ceiling tiles in white have been installed to present a crisp and clean soffit to the banking hall as well as the back of counter and ancillary office areas. The M&E contractors have incorporated both air conditioning diffusers and a large quantity of luminaires into the grid system.

The Allied Irish Bank has a total of 289 branches across Ireland. Although it goes out to tender to a variety of contractors for the fit or refurbishment of any of these different properties, the specification of Ecophon for the suspended ceiling system is not something they considered changing. The Advantage™ E ceilings met their requirements on robustness and appearance.

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