ALL ABOUT SMART HOMES New Website Explains It all

A new website - - is launched for Cytech Europe’s Comfort Intelligent Home System. The website provides simple answers about a ‘smart home’ for home owners thinking of installing hi-tech security and home automation to control lighting, heating, home entertainment around the house, blinds and curtains and many other features.

The website contains clear, easy-to-understand illustrated information about the range of products and features of the Comfort system with an interactive demonstration of the system in action allowing the visitor to operate all the features in an imaginary home. The demo shows how the system can be controlled during the day, at night, when the house is empty and when the owners are on holiday or away for business.

The UK-wide network of Comfort distributors and installers has its own section on the website with website links and full contact details. Another useful section answers frequently asked questions for users and technical visitor.

The latest Comfort video presenting in 5 ½ minutes the essential facts about a smart home can be accessed via a link on the new site. The DVD, filmed in a family home, entertains, informs and shows all aspects of smart home technology including security, networked sound and vision, remote control of heating, air-conditioning, lighting, curtains and gates and an intercom which calls a mobile phone when no one is home. With Comfort a smart home can be controlled by a fully functional touch screen at home – or controlled by remote phone, mobile or via a PC at work. Video cameras, motion detectors and online security services can easily be accessed from a PC or phone.

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