Al fresco at Café Mattia

Andrea Mattia, one of the UK’s most prestigious catering businesses, has increased its dining capacity and profits with the help of Zapp Canopy Umbrellas.

Located at Clarks Village, Somerset, Café Mattia can now offer al fresco dining to its customers by bringing the outdoors in with Zapp’s AGS screens and Senator tracked awnings.

Zapp provided a perfect solution for Café Mattia’s needs. An increased area can potentially generate more customers due to extra dining space. With the uncertainty of British weather, Zapp’s remote controlled awnings and AGS screens can either protect you from the wet and windy weather or let you sit out and enjoy the sun.

Andrea Mattia, founder, commented, “The terrace has proven to be very successful at Café Mattia and has increased our number of covers and turnover greatly. My customers are more relaxed, stay longer and spend more money.”

The AGS terrace screen is a solid fixed laminated glass structure with a mechanism which allows the height of the glass screen to be adjusted in an elegant way, therefore creating more protection and control over weather conditions. Providing a barrier, the AGS screens give customers security without making them feel enclosed or trapped.

The Senator tracked awnings can project up to six metres as well as having a maximum width of five metres meaning that a single unit can cover 30 square metres. However, the awnings can be linked to produce a larger dining area, Café Mattia used two Senator tracked awnings. The awning has long lasting durability with its aluminium framework and stainless steel fittings. The Senator can be integrated perfectly with the AGS screens to create a very comfortable enclosure, increasing space and providing a desirable outdoor area for customers, even in the winter as heating solutions are available.

Zapp is renowned for its quality products and service and for providing bespoke solutions to any customer with individual branding being an important aspect. Zapp is the leading supplier of canopy-based products for the leisure industry including many hotels, restaurants and pubs as well as the retail sectors including shopping centres and traditional and farmers markets.

Clarks Village was the first outlet for Andrea Mattia’s business in 1992. The very first cart established was a candy and popcorn cart, which was shortly made into a permanent feature due to its popularity and became the beginning of Andrea Mattia Concessions in the Mall.

Further information on Zapp products and activities is available from Zapp by calling 01249 465455, email: or by visiting the company’s website at

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