Airflow Unveil New Aventa Silent Fan Range

The new Aventa Silent fan range from Airflow Developments Ltd has been designed to provide powerful in line ventilation, whilst minimising noise levels within a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Aventa Silent is the latest addition to Airflow’s Aventa series of in-line fans and combines the performance features of both axial and centrifugal fans, thus providing powerful airflow and high pressure. Available in four different spigot sizes from 100mm through to 200mm with the capacity to handle air volumes up to 1020m³/hr. Smaller sizes are suitable for domestic air handling applications to assist with the extraction of stale air from kitchens and bathrooms. For longer duct runs, two or more units can be fitted to provide a simple method of adding capacity and increasing the capacity.

Airflow’s newest Aventa Silent fans provide superior noise absorption capabilities. The sound absorbing polymer-coated steel shell provides sound attenuation in a broad frequency band with insulation from a 50mm mineral wool layer, ensuring silent operation combined with the high aerodynamic characteristics. The fan casing is also equipped with fixing brackets to secure to floors, walls or ceilings for an easy and hassle free installation.

The energy efficient two-speed motor is equipped with thermal switches to prevent overheating, extending the service life by up to 40,000 hours of non-stop operation. An optional temperature sensor can be integrated within the air duct to automatically trigger the fan to adjust its speed, depending on the temperature within the air duct and the space that it is servicing.

Steve Bergh, Domestic Product Manager at Airflow Developments Ltd said: “Healthy indoor environments play a vital role in the wellbeing of both a building and its occupants. With the launch of the Aventa Silent range, Airflow is now able to provide the ultimate solution to ventilate a wider range of applications to now include commercial buildings as well.”

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