Air Uno are launching fabulous Foster stainless steel worksurfaces

From the innovators who introduced Parapan® and Corian® to the UK comes yet another quality product, stainless steel worksurfaces that put other worktops to shame. The stainless steel can be bespoked to suit any kitchen design whether sexily curved as above, a simple linear run along the wall, an island, cleaning or cook zone …it can be fabricated as a plain worktop or integrated with Foster sinks, taps and hobs. Already a hit with the top Italian and European kitchen studios, Foster worksurfaces use a superior quality AISI 304 steel that's got an incredible depth of shine and a finish with extra-fine glazing obtained through a special polishing process that uses natural fibres.

Just look at some of the stunning variations that are possible…

A Foster Professionale 54, 920 x 540mm, five-burner hob is integrated into a 160mm skirted tabletop-style counter. The border can be specified in a variety of depths ranging from 12mm to 200mm and can even be edged in wood, curved or grooved.

A 20mm deep counter is integrated with a Foster Quadra 789 x 503mm double bowled sharp-edged sink and a Professional faucet with shower.

An elegantly rimmed 20mm edge on a 200mm deep worksurface is integrated with a Foster three burner hob and a Quadra 500mm x 400mm undermounted sink and a Camillo faucet.

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