Air Uno announces its latest hot find! New to the UK, a range of ultra-stylish cooker hoods from FABER aimed at the high-end of the kitchen market, offers style, sophistication and superior technology

The innovators at Air Uno know a great product when they see it. To add to their ‘Airone’ range from Italy, the Leeds-based company is now offering the ultimate choice of wall-mounted, island, corner and built-in cooker hoods from Faber, the original inventor of the kitchen cooker hood.

Since 1955, Faber has dominated the market in Italy (and the world!) with designs that live up to that country’s reputation for creating truly well-made products – in fact some 3 million hoods are made every year! Quality and safety are particularly important and the company is proud also to be the first in the kitchen hood sector to obtain an ISO 9001 quality system certificate.

In all of their extractors, the latest technology has been incorporated. Powerful motors ensure the greatest efficiency and, even at slower speeds, their hoods are able to maintain a discreet noise level yet consume less energy and still do the essential job of changing the air at least 10 times per hour to remove impurities. Some of Faber’s latest models incorporate ultra-clever Sil-K technology, which reduces hood sound power by 12 dB(A), whilst other models have perimeter aspiration or sound-absorbing cushions that reduce the perceived sound by 25%.

Without a doubt, Faber has moved the styling of extractors up a notch from any of its competitors. In crystal, aluminium and steel, the shapes are as evocative as the names suggest whether it’s the elegant Pearl, the dramatic Drop or any of the other streamlined creations – Glory, Cylindra or Cassiopea – to name but a few.

The understated elegance of The Pearl extractor is sure to make it a winner. With its painted and pearlised stainless steel shaped exterior, this extractor offers power as well as style. Sil-K technology for an ultra-quiet noise level, ranging from 40 to 61 dB(A), means that even at its highest speed of 650m3/h it runs at a level designed not to disturb normal kitchen life. Yet even at its lowest speed, this hood (with its PRO extraction unit) is forceful, providing sufficient aspiration for a 10m2 kitchen. A filter saturation alarm warns You when it is time to clean the anti-grease filter.

Oozing Italian style, this uber-contemporary stainless steel and glass hood looks as chic installed above an island as it is does wall-mounted. Lots of technological features make this a highly effective extractor including an energy diffuser that helps reduce noise and increases efficiency, washable cassettes, a filter saturation alarm and an optimized speed programme that selections the best aspiration capacity with the touch of a single button. Three speed settings offer a range of extraction from 270 to 500 m3/h with noise levels of 51 to 62 dB (A).

Making an eyecatching focal point for any kitchen, The Drop has organic lines and its whiterthan- white finish is bang on-trend for a contemporary kitchen. As with all Faber products, it has a lot of technical extras including an energy diffuser that reduces noise and guarantees higher hood efficiency, Velo LED light illumination and dishwasher safe cassettes. Featuring four power levels, The Drop has a max noise level of 64 dB (A) even at its top extraction rate of 650 m3/hr.

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